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A community united

Wayne and me inspecting his burnt out car

The East End is renowned for its community solidarity in difficult times.

I have been witnessing that solidarity these last 24 hours, as I have been out on the streets meeting local youth and urging calm.

I especially witnessed it in the early hours of this morning, when I responded to an emergency call to visit a family on the Isle of Dogs who had been attacked by gang of thugs. (more…)


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Thank you

In Bethnal Green during London riotsThis morning I am particularly proud to be the Mayor of Tower Hamlets.  I am heartened that our local young people have not, for the most part, got involved in these destructive events. I witnessed first hand a heroic effort by local people, local police and our youth services to ensure that our borough stayed united. To all those that contributed to keeping our borough safe at this difficult and worrying moment, I want to say from the bottom of my heart; thank you.

I offer my sincere condolences to the Duggan family for their loss. There must be a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Duggan’s death.

This violence is totally unacceptable. We cannot allow a situation where ordinary people are petrified to walk down their streets, where business are looted and destroyed, where police officers are assaulted and abused.

Since the news came through yesterday afternoon that rioting and disorder was spreading from Tottenham to Stratford to Tower Hamlets, I have been on the streets working with young people, faith leaders, council colleagues, community workers, police officers and residents, to keep the peace.

We had our anxious moments; there were bouts of violence and destruction on Bethnal Green Road, the Isle of Dogs and elsewhere, but overall, our borough witnessed nothing like the scenes that scarred other parts of London.

This is testimony to the strength of community cohesion in the borough and the selfless dedication of many individuals across the community. (more…)

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