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Divine dispatches

On Monday, I was interviewed by David Shariatmadari, the Guardian’s Faith correspondent. He included a quote in the paper’s blog on religion, Divine Dispatches – and I’m reproducing it here:

At the beginning of the week I found myself in Tower Hamlets to interview Lutfur Rahman, one of the country’s most powerful, if controversial, Muslim politicians. Once a member of the Labour party, he was deselected but decided to run for executive mayor as an independent – and won. He’s now had over a year in office. I was surprised to hear him say he had more in common with Prince Charles than David Cameron – in terms of his attitude to faith, that is. When I asked him about Cameron’s speech on the Christian foundations of British culture, he said:

“My religion is a private thing … if you go back to Prince Charles, when he talks about faiths, religions: that’s the kind of society I want to see, where no one particular religion has hegemony over society, we have a community of faiths.
“For me there’s a clear distinction between [Cameron’s] approach and Prince Charles’s, but I think Prince Charles’s would be much more appropriate given the country that we’re in.”


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