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At present, councils are run by executives or cabinets which are accountable only to local councillors and who are largely elected through the party system. As a result, the rigidities of the centralised political party structure are brought to bear on local government, where something much more dynamic and responsive is required. Because they are directly accountable to the electorate, and can be voted out after four years if they do not perform, mayors would significantly improve the level of scrutiny at a local level.

From today’s Independant.

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Tower Project Awards

 Earlier this week I had the privilege of visiting the Tower Project on Whitehorse Road. I was there to present awards to students with learning disabilities, who have recently achieved qualifications from the Open College Network that will enable them to obtain employment.

 The Tower Project provides a range of services to over 1600 children and adults with disabilities who are resident within Tower Hamlets, and have recently achieved OFSTED’s “Outstanding” award for its children’s services.

I presented the awards to eleven students. I found their enthusiasm and positive outlook uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Congratulations to the students and staff at Tower Project for all their good work.

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