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When I first decided to go into local politics, rather than continue in law, I guessed that life would never be easy, especially in a borough such as mine whose turbulent yet rich history forms part of the tapestry of London’s East End .

As the country’s first directly elected British Bangladeshi Mayor, my first duty is to try and represent all the diverse communities that go to make Tower Hamlets one of the most diverse in the land. In recent weeks I, along with a number of councillors who form my Cabinet, have come under sustained attack from the London Evening Standard.

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Ken Livingstone’s announcement today that if he is elected in May he will reinstate a London wide EMA is not just good policy, it’s good politics. The EMA was a proven policy that helped London teenagers get the qualifications they need to get into work.

 I am really glad to see that Ken has promised to follow Tower Hamlet’s example and reinstate the EMA if elected.

With the Mayoral election hoting up the Guardian have run a devastating article on Boris Johnson’s record asking ‘What has Boris actually done for London? Their answer; not much.

It is well worth a read.

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