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Go bananas for fair trade!

I wrote previously about my commitment to the Co-op movement. One of the reasons I support Co-op’s is because they support Fairtrade.  Last week I had the opportunity to promote the council’s commitment to Fairtrade at an event organised by HEC Learning Centre and attended by pupils fromRedlandsand Harbinger primary school.

The aim of the event was to promote greater awareness of Fairtrade policies among school students. I really enjoyed myself; the enthusiasm of the children was infectious and their commitment to social justice uplifting.

Tower Hamlets in supporting the national ‘Take a Step 2012’ campaign which encourages everyone to change one thing they buy to Fairtrade.


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In recent weeks I’ve pointed to several blatant examples of bias in the London Evening Standard towards Boris Johnson in the upcoming election.

Yesterday the free-sheet splashed with a report from Peter Dominiczak and Craig Woodhouse claiming that Moody’s ratings agency has warned “London’s transport would face collapse” if Ken Livingstone implements his fares cut.

The story was so dishonest it looks like the paper has given up journalism during the LondonMayoral election.

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