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The Morning Star reports on spiralling home care costs for the elderly and disabled; £13.61  is now the average for an hour of home care. With the bulk of government cuts yet to come this situation is set to get worse. I am really proud that Tower Hamlets is one of the few councils  in the country still providing free home care.


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This week, both Peter Golds leader of the Tory group and the leader of the Labour Group, Joshua Peck colluded. They instructed their groups to vote down the first BME Chief Executive of an east London borough, Aman Dalvi OBE. Golds had reportedly shaken hands with Mayor Rahman, promising to vote for Dalvi, shortly before voting him down and potentially throwing the borough into crisis. Peck, whose day time job is as a senior lobbyist, specialising in ‘energy and utilities’ and boasting his local government committees on his company, MHP’s website, had also originally promised the highly qualified Dalvi his support. All of that changed, when Peck blamed Dalvi for not backing his appointment to an Olympics development quango run by Boris Johnson.

More here from Left Futures.

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