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Bring Back British Rail

Yesterday saw a national day of action by transport unions and passengers to protest fair hikes and service cuts across the railways. I salute them. British train passengers already pay among the highest fares in Europe for train travel and now the government has announced that train operating companies  will be able to increase rail fares by three per cent more than inflation. 

For the last two weeks we have seen government figures in Westminster and London figures basking in the borrowed glory of the Olympics that their Labour  predecessors secured for city and the country.

One tangible related benefit of that much touted but hardly touched Olympic Legacy has been the development of transport links across the previously cut off poor areas of East London – and on its way is the Crossrail link which ties in the area to the greater region.

And now it is back to dismal normality with the announcement of 11% rail fare rises.  We will indeed be better linked to the rest of the Capital and the world. But far too many of our citizens will not be able to afford the tickets.


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