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In view of the announcement of the final ward boundaries for the borough, here is a Press Release detailing the arrangements.

Press Release                                             
From Office of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets

For immediate release – 25 Mar. 2013

Historic ward names SAVED after Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s lobbying

Boundary Commission to keep Banglatown on the ward map, along with historic St Dunstan’s and Lansbury wards.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England today announced their final report on the new electoral arrangements for Tower Hamlets Council.

Following months of lobbying by Mayor Lutfur Rahman, including submissions to the Boundary Commission and the Secretary of State, as well has helping local people to coordinate petitions, the Boundary Commission has rejected Tory proposals to airbrush East End history by removing the name “Banglatown” from the Spitalfields and Banglatown ward.

Following the announcement Mayor Lutfur Rahman, said:

“I’m delighted that the Commission has seen sense and rejected these divisive proposals and reinstated Banglatown on the electoral map. I’m proud to have led a campaign that has seen local people standing together to defend the modern inclusive borough that we take pride in. I’m grateful to everyone who has supported us. This is truly a victory for community spirit.”

“I am equally pleased that the historic contribution of East End and Labour movement icon, George Lansbury, has been reinstated along with St Dunstan’s – a name that means so much to Stepney residents I could never understand why the Labour group sought to get rid of it.’’

Cllr. Gulam Robbani, Independent Councillor for Spitalfields and Banglatown, who spearheaded the Save Banglatown Campaign, said:

“I am grateful for the support local residents, community groups and the business community have given to our successful campaign to save Banglatown. Cllr. Golds and the Tories may not want to admit it but British-Bangladeshis are part of this borough’s history and we will be part of its future too.”

Cllr. Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor and ward Councillor for East India and Lansbury, has led the campaign to reinstate the name of Labour movement icon and former party leader George Lansbury. Cllr. Ahmed said: “George Lansbury was a dedicated campaigner for social justice and I’m glad that his legacy will continue to be honoured on the map of Tower Hamlets.”

The Commission’s final recommendations also includes Tower Hamlets to be represented by 45 councillors, six fewer than the current arrangements of 51. The proposed new arrangements will now be implemented by Parliament before the new electoral arrangements to come into force for the 2014 council elections.


Notes to editors:

1.         Full details of the Commission’s final recommendations (including maps) can be viewed at  www.lgbce.org.uk/all-reviews/south-east/greater-london/tower-hamlets-fer Or at consultation.lgbce.org.uk

2.         Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s submissions and representations:

Representation to Boundary Commission to reinstate Banglatown, St Dunstan’s, and Lansbury:



Letter to Boundary Commission to reinstate Banglatown:


Letter and Save Banglatown Petition to Boundary Commission:


Letter to Boundary Commission to reinstate Lansbury:



Letter and Save Lansbury Petition to Boundary Commission:


Mayor’s Boundary Commission Submission:


3.      Labour Group’s Submission where they propose to delete St Dunstan’s:


Labour Group acknowledge Mayor leadership for Save Banglatown Campaign but fail to condemn the Tories:

On 15 November 2012, in an interview with satellite TV channel Channel S (Sky 814), Cllr. Motin uz Zaman, the deputy leader of Tower Hamlets Labour group, whilst acknowledging the leadership of Mayor Lutfur Rahman for Save Banglatown Campaign; fails to condemn the Tories who want to wipe Banglatown off the map.

4.      Tory Submission where they propose to delete Banglatown and Lansbury:


‘Same old Tories’: On 22 November 2012, Cllr. Peter Golds, Leader of Tower Hamlets Conservative Group said in an interview with satellite TV station Channel S (Sky 814):

“What will happen if every single tiny group in the country suddenly decides they want their local government ward named after it? What are we going to have, Earls Court and Kangaroo Valley for the Australians?”
For information about this press release contact Numan Hussain, Political Advisor to the Mayor, on 07508 352 023 or email numan.hussain@towerhamlets.gov.uk


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