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…there is an obvious temptation for Lutfur’s opponents to try and stampede backward sections of Tower Hamlets’ white population into voting against him by falsely claiming that under his mayoralty non-Muslims are being discriminated against in favour of the Bangladeshi community. As a taste of things to come, the Tower Hamlets Tories have recently been exploiting an application by a local Bangladeshi group to erect a small community centre on a disused plot of land at Island Gardens on the Isle of Dogs… Among those far-right groups who have seized on the controversy is the English Defence League, who have proposed that a pig’s head should be buried at the site…



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 The London borough of Tower Hamlets was declared the highest achieving Local Authority, providing more sustainable homes than any other council in England. The award recognised the council’s achievements in delivering almost 3000, the highest number of homes meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) from 2007 to 2013.





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Long suffering Tower Hamlets voters know that the local Labour Party is still sulking about losing the mayoral election in October 2010 – but it’s still depressing to see they are still behaving with the maturity of a toddler who’s had his ball taken away. The latest pot shot Labour’s fired at the Mayor is to claim that he has personally organised the deployment of Decent Homes work in the borough so that improvements have been made in wards which are represented by independent councillors who support the Mayor’s administration. Labour has thus revealed its ignorance of how Decent Homes money is allocated – this despite the fact that the allocation was agreed at Cabinet last month and is thus quite open…East London News  has long warned that Labour’s personal vendetta against Mayor Rahman can be used by those with a racist agenda: and indeed this is what has happened…


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Press Release

Far Right English Defence League uses Tower Hamlets Labour Group’s Housing claims as propaganda

Mayor demands GLA member John Biggs ‘disown and immediately apologise for disgraceful Labour press statement’

The Far Right, English Defence League (EDL), have targeted Mayor Lutfur Rahman by citing extracts from a Tower Hamlets Labour Group press release, reproduced by the East London Advertiser.

EDL supporters have been tweeting a factually inaccurate and inflammatory press statement issued by the Tower Hamlets Labour Group. Mayor Lutfur Rahman is calling on GLA member, John Biggs to “disown the statement and issue an immediate apology to local residents”.

The EDL tweet follows here:


@Official_EDL Tower Hamlets Muslim Mayor Lutfur Rahman accused of prioritising supporters in housing works.http://www.eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk/news/tower_hamlets_mayor_lutfur_rahman_accused_of_prioritising_supporters_in_housing_works_1_2204072?g_q=rahman%20tower%20hamlets%20mayor …

Cllr. Rabina Khan , Cabinet member for Housing said:

“The irresponsible and dangerous claims made by the Tower Hamlets Labour Group have found their audience and are now doing the rounds with the Far Right EDL to stoke up fear within the community that some residents and areas are more deserving than others. The Mayor has been elected to serve interests of all residents. There are strict guidelines governing housing allocation as the Labour Group is well aware. In a crucial election year, residents expect responsible leadership from John Biggs and the Labour Group, and that they wouldn’t resort to the ‘dog whistle’ politics of the Far Right”.


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