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English Defence League in crisis

Mayor Lutfur Rahman has welcomed news that leaders of the Far Right English Defence League (EDL) have abandoned the organisation. EDL leader, Tommy Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – and co-leader Kevin Carroll have announced they have quit the EDL, acknowledging that; “street protests are no longer productive”.

 Mayor Lutfur Rahman said:

 “I welcome the fact that the EDL have acknowledged the inevitable and are splitting up. Their extreme racist dogma is repellent and only last month, Tower Hamlets residents came together to successfully keep the EDL out of our borough. What is needed now is a call from both individuals for the EDL to be completely disbanded in its entirety and for people to be held account for the mayhem and violence that has traditionally followed in the wake of their marches. “

 Our message to them is that Britain has changed. People will no longer tolerate racism and fascism, wherever it attempts to manifest itself, whether on the streets, or on public platforms.”

 Note to Editors:

  1. The EDL staged a demonstration in east London on September, where Mr Robinson was arrested. He was charged with failing to comply with the law and inciting illegal public assembly, and is due to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court on October 22.

For information about this press release contact  Numan Hussain , Political Advisor to the  Mayor , on 07508 352 023 or email numan.hussain@ towerhamlets.gov.uk


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